How Grey Wise recycles waste water for return to house and irrigation

First Step

Grey water from the house flows into a 330L collection well installed in the ground and designed to overflow to sewer or treatment system in the case of a very high peak flow.
On demand Grey Wise activates a pump in the collection well, transferring the untreated grey water up into the primary chamber of treatment unit.

Aeration & Filtration Disinfection

Once in the primary chamber the waste water is treated through constant aeration to break down any organic water.
The primary chamber acts as a membrane bioreactor and houses flat sheet membranes unique to Grey Wise. The treated Grey water is then drawn through submerged membranes with a pore size 300 times finer than a human hair allowing the membrane to perform as a physical barrier ensuring only pure, safe water passes through.
In the final step the clean water passes through UV treatment to complete the double barrier disinfection process and make the water safe for household use.

Recycled Water ready for use

The clean water once treated with UV is transferred from an internal pump out chamber to the re-use tank ready for household or garden re-use. The size of the tank depends on local or state regulations.

Membrane safe technology

The Grey Wise System uses an advanced treatment process with the latest water recycling technology. It doesn't just divert your household grey water, it uses patented membrane safe technology to treat and recycle grey water ensuring bacteria and harmful pathogens are blocked out.

Membrane water is 99.999% germ free unique to Wise Water.