Wise Water's Revolutionary Back to House Grey Water System


We have an exciting part time position that would suit a retired or semi-retired plumber or person that has worked within the industry. The position would involve some travel both local (Western Australia) and overseas. Please use the contact page if this position would suit you!

Safely recycle your household grey water with our Grey Wise system

Grey Wise Water Recycling - The Safe Choice System - Australian Standard Certification

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The Grey Wise Difference

1. Proven and reliable membrane technology
2. Chemical free process
3. Odour free
4. Lightweight easy to install
5. Quiet and economical

The Grey Wise uses membrane safe Technology to recycle household grey water to a safe and pure re-usable quality.

Grey Wise treats water from
  • the shower
  • bath
  • vanity
  • washing machine and basin
and produces high quality water you can use for
  • toilet flushing
  • washing machine
  • vehicle and path washing
  • irrigation – both above and below ground